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Our site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine via your internet browser – to help the site provide a better user experience to returning visitors. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data which is stored within third-party applications such as Google Analytics.

Many internet sites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identifier of the cookie. It consists of a character string through which internet pages and servers can be assigned to the specific internet browser in which the cookie was stored. This allows visited internet sites and servers to differentiate the individual browser of the visitor from other internet browsers that contain other cookies. A specific internet browser can be recognized and identified using the unique cookie ID.

We may use cookies to help us understand how effective our online advertising is, for example by tracking how many visitors call us after seeing or clicking a Google or a Facebook advert. We also use cookies to help us understand how visitors interact with our site (what they click, how long they spend on each page). This helps us to improve our website. This type of information is stored securely and in aggregate within our Google Analytics account. We do not share this information with any third parties.

Through the use of cookies, Ultimate Hair & Beauty can provide the users of this website with more user-friendly services that would not be possible without the cookie setting. By means of a cookie, the information and offers on our website can be optimized with the user in mind. Cookies allow us, as previously mentioned, to recognise our website users. The purpose of this recognition is to make it easier for users to utilise our website.

A returning website user that uses cookies may benefit from not having to re-enter login data each time the website is accessed, because the website can use cookies to remember their actions from their previous visit. Another example is the cookie of a shopping cart in an online shop. The online store can remember the items a customer has placed in the virtual shopping cart via a cookie.

As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others. The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser. Furthermore, previously stored cookies may also be deleted at any time via your internet browser settings. This is possible in all popular internet browsers.

For help with this, we suggest consulting the Help section of your web browser or taking a look at this article which offers guidance for all modern browsers. Please be aware, if you deactivate cookies, certain functions on our site may no longer work.

For more information on the other kinds of data our site may store and your privacy rights, please also view our Privacy Policy.