Well what a year! We certainly did not realise when we closed our doors on March  16th 2020 what lay ahead…

Lockdown after even longer lockdown. On leaving the salon on Christmas Eve offering best wishes to our Clients and UHB Family, none of us could have imagined that it would be five months before we would be reunited. Thankfully, we have reopened today. Monday May 10th, thanks to the great work of the majority of the Irish population as well as front-liners and essential workers. And with the rolling out of the vaccine we hope lockdowns become something we now only read about in our history books.

Sadly, some of our UHB Family and Clients have suffered pain, anxiety and even bereavement. We are sending our biggest hugs to them all. Some of our staff have decided to leave the company for their personal reasons and they are sorely missed. We have also had some happier news throughout the year with very special birthdays, new arrivals and even a very special pregnancy too!

We cannot thank our UHB Family and our amazingly loyal Clients enough for their support throughout this very tough year. Now we are fully prepared both mentally and health-and-safety-wise to get back to making our Clients look and feel fantastic. We are back better and we hope forever! Lots of Love, from all at UHB

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Masks must be worn at all times. Thank You!