Michelle English is Head Beauty Therapist at Ultimate Hair & Beauty. We sat down to ask her what makes the Ultimate Beauty salon so special:


Why do people choose to visit the Ultimate Beauty salon?

People are so busy all the time…so why would you not come into a salon that does hair as well as beauty? It’s convenient, we’re nestled in the heart of Dublin city centre and we have a fantastic relationship with our clients over 40 years experience.

There’s a great atmosphere at Ultimate Hair & Beauty. The team feels like one big family! And clean and modern facilities combined with soothing and sophisticated decor gives us the perfect ambience to offer relaxing treatments.


What beauty treatments do you offer?

We offer a broad spectrum of treatments; from high-end facial and skincare with a luxury element, to body treatments to make-up…we really do offer a wide range. People can explore them on the Ultimate Beauty page of our website. 

What makes your beauty treatments stand out from other salons?

We really care about what we do. It’s about attention to detail, not getting people in and out as fast as we can. And we’re always working hard to be at the forefront of beauty trends! We were one of the first salons in Ireland to offer Everyday LVL Lashes, which are really fantastic for lash lift length and volume.


What other beauty treatments are you looking at for 2019?

We’re looking at non-invasive skin-care treatments. These use a technique called ‘high intensity focused ultrasound’. We’d love to be able to offer it soon! We’re constantly reviewing and updating all of our treatments.


Can you tell us more about your relationship with your clients?

We’re on a first name basis with many. Some people have been coming here for over twenty years! Clients are investing in us as beauty therapists and it’s always a pleasure to see people returning. We’ve launched a loyalty card to thank repeat customers: book 3 times and save 50% off the third appointment.



Find the full list of Dublin’s Ultimate Beauty Salon’s treatments here!