New products & treatments available now! Ultimate Hair & Beauty is the first hair salon in Ireland to stock ethical and sustainable hair products from Authentic Beauty Concept.

The new product range is natural and simple: free from silicones, sulphate surfactants and parabens, it instead uses vegan-friendly* ingredients. Carefully selected and combined, what we leave out is just as important as we put in! And all bottles and jars are fully recyclable. 

“We’re really excited to bring this new and carefully selected ethical product range to the shores of Ireland for the first time. It’s a new area for us, and an exciting first step. We’re giving our customers the freedom to make more sustainable choices when they come in to get their hair done. And they are fantastic hair products!”

“We wanted to find a new range of hair products that fit our beliefs and feel true to ourselves and our customers. People care more than ever about how their lifestyles affect the world and about healthy living.” The new product range was inspired by hairdressers, artisans and people who share these values.  

The Authentic Beauty Concept brand also supports sustainability and for more transparency in the supply chain. It supports the Sustainable Gear Initiative, a programme promoting better ways to cultivate crops, as well as helping to train and educate farmers.

“We’re excited to become more involved in this movement towards a better future and a more sustainable hair and beauty industry.”

*All formulas are vegan-friendly, except Gritty Wax Paste and Shaping Cream (contain beeswax), and Amplify Mousse (contains chitosan). All products are vegan-approved. Authentic Beauty Concept is aiming to make all products fully vegan-friendly in 2020.

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Ask about Authentic Beauty Concept next time you visit our hair salon in the GPO Arcade, or call us on (01) 873 2825 to book a treatment or specialist consultation.

You can learn also more about the Authentic Beauty Concept products at (opens in new tab).